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Energy Resources

This column has useful links that help groups, individuals and teams save Energy $ / kWh.

Note: To save energy there must be a baseline metric to show where you are today with your carbon foot-print.

To motivate lower energy use, Go to the “Register” link below with your Electric bill and enter your data in this FREE database so you and your family / employees can see the results of their efforts to reduce energy consumption.

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ER-LI Founders Event
May 15, 2013

Register Your kWH Usage

Energized Fauquier


Thermostat Wars
Thermostat Wars

ER-LI Founders Day Photos
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Residential Process

A simple 3 step process guides occupants in the Steps / metrics needed to save energy $/ kWh.

Energy Savings Step 1

Energy Savings Step 2

Energy Savings Step 3

Counties & DOE

External links (back arrow to return here) designed to educate / calculate energy usage

Wind - County Strategies

Your Energy Usage

US Dept Of Energy

Local Links

All of these entities deserve your support and patronage as they have clearly shown how a true commitment to energy savings is good for the environment, business, membership and ongoing client retention – Visit their websites today (below)

Airlie Center (LEED)

Barrel Oak Winery

Brookside Communities

Caretakers Of God's Creation

Chestnut Forks

EarthCraft House(VA)

Energized Fauquier

Fauquier Chamber of Commerce

Fauquier County Government

Fauquier County Schools (LEED)

Fauquier Livestock Exchange


Great Harvest Bread Co

Highland School (LEED)


Jesse Straight Pastured Poultry

Pearmund Cellars

Piedmont Internal Medicine

Poplar Springs

Red Truck Bakery


The Fauquier Bank

Thermostat Wars
Thermostat Wars

Times Democrat

Vint Hill

Vint Hill EDA

Vint Hill Craft Winery

Windy Hill Foundation

Reduce Utility Costs With Proven Process

  • $2,000,000 direct & $5.9M indirect savings by Public Schools
  • $220,617 savings by local Government in 3 calendar years
  • $20,000+ per year savings by Vint Hill EDA since 2010
  • $3,497 savings in 90-days by Chestnut Forks last winter
  • Workforce housing utility costs reduced to less than $2 per day
  • Home energy savings of 33-82% < 30 days; no equip. changes

CONTACT US and achieve similar results          ER-LI Events & Articles

ER-LI 10-step Process Energy Saving Process Energy Saving Process Energy Saving Process Energy Saving Process Energy Saving Process Energy Saving Process Energy Saving Process Energy Saving Process Energy Saving Process Energy Saving Process

See 7-Step Process Details                    50+ FREE Energy Saving Tips

Our proven process is for any existing facility -- from schools to government buildings to private businesses to homeowners.

Find out how easily YOU can realize savings and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Start saving at least 10% on annual utility bills!

Founders' Awards Special through 9/30/13
Discounts available

Click to view photos / minutes from May Event

Founders' Awards Special Consists of:

  1. Capture eco-friendly initiatives – Projects, investment, benefits, results and cost savings
  2. Create banner / landing page / ad via logo, caption, photos, link at
  3. Recognition at the November Energy / Sustainability Expo (2013)
  4. Networking / Promotion at meetings / seminars / open ‘energized awareness’ sessions
  5. Local promotion via press, articles, Chamber meetings, etc.
  6. Updates to landing page with 12 months of hosting (quarterly maintenance)
  7. Promotion of Award Certificate through FB, Blog, own initiatives, etc. OR, Award consideration

  1. Capture Eco Friendly Initiativesn: Iterview owner / subject matter experts about items completed, active or planned. Includes:
    • Energy Conservation
    • Farming
    • Crops
    • Vendors / Suppliers
    • Products
    • Clients
    • Schools
    • Government
    • Local Economy
    • Taxes
    • Jobs
    • Initiatives supporting sustainability.
  2. Create Banner / Landing Page / Photos (10) with Caption / Links, for use in cross-promotional networking via newsletters, websites, in-store displays, and
  3. Recognition at November Energized Sustainability Expo in Warrenton for five county area.
    • There have been a number of annual Expos / Fairs organized by Rappahannock League of Environmental Protection (RLEP) and Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) but none devoted to businesses, schools, government, EDAs and suppliers combined.
    • Sponsorships / booths / educational opportunities exist with promotion via (date being determined).
  4. Networking at meetings / seminars / open to public seminars at local businesses.
    • September 17 Awards Event at Vint Hill Craft Winery
    • was launched at the Earth Day meeting for the Fauquier County Conservation Roundtable and at the inaugural May 15th event at Poplar Springs – The Inn Spa.
  5. Local promotion via Tri-Fold and Awards given at May, September and November events including press coverage and photo galleries (see
  6. Updates and quarterly maintenance to center column landing page, ads, captions, photos and links
  7. Individual promotion of Award Certificates such as Pearmund Cellars placing Certificate and Tri-Fold in wine tasting room and placing photo of Certificate on Facebook! Recognition of marketing best practices to follow via your Blogs, FB, etc.

Other benefits of joining our “network”

  • Sharing better practices / networking with other local companies
  • Making Fauquier a more sustainable place to live, work, play and enjoy in an integrated planned fashion utilizing ALL resources
  • Community involvement and support
  • Access to schools and government

Contact us at:

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